We are Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier Of Precision Spindles, PDC (Pressure Die Castings) Components, Aluminium PDC (Pressure Die Casting) Components / Parts and our Setup is Situated at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

Other Supporting and Related Services

Even though Our mainstream Process base is High Pressure Die Casting as per customer requirements and in the view of improvement in product quality we do have developed surface treatment activities in this direction with the set up as

  • Shot Blasting Machine : A PLC controlled automatic shot Blasting Machine with improved control on quality through check and control on shot flow control and product positioning in blasting chamber.
  • Vibro Finishing Machine
  • In House Painting Facility

As a additional service area in accordance with existing product and providing on stop solution to customers requirement we have developed Plastic Welding and stacking solution at our end with

  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine : A Range of plastic-plastic welding and/or Metal-Plastic stacking facility.
  • Hydro Pneumatic Press : A Hydro Pneumatically operated small capacity Press.

The small non CNC conventional machining in support of product requirement and tool maintenance requirement is set up right from Drilling , Tapping , Sandering , Lathe , welding with the support of Screw compressor to feed the requirement.