We are Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Aluminium Pressure Die Casting Components/ Parts, Precision Spindles, Carburetor Parts, Control Sleeves, PDC (Pressure Die Casting) Components/ Parts. Our Setup is Situated at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

We at C. Glamour do have our production facility to cater our customers. Our setup is situated at Industrial Area in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

  • At our works we are spread and module our activities in our total land area of 4050 sqmt. We have scheduled our activities in two of our production floors approximately 5000 sqft each. Each of the work floor is designed with increased height/amplitude of work area so as to encapsulate optimum volume suitable to conduct Casting / Foundry activities still at clean environment. Each one is facilitated with rooftop ventilators to boost heat and fumes removal. Each of the work area is facilitated with Overhead EOT cranes to enable hassle free safe movement and handling of materials.
  • One of our production work floor is dedicated to for Casting activities and another for allied supplementary activities. Casting area is facilitated with proper storage facilities for Tools and Dies as well as Aluminium alloys with respective allocated areas identified to properly locate and access each variant of the material required.
  • Adequate circulation of cold water through closed loop system of water cooling system is provided to maintain healthy working temperature of Oil , Tools and Dies. Healthy working temperatures ensures uninterrupted, breakdown free quality work output at an elevated life span, both for machines as well as Tools/Dies also.
  • A dedicated work area for Quality and Production Planning activities has been facilitated to maintain a close counter on production activities ensuring streamline flow of all correlated activities.