We are Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier Of Precision Spindles, Gearbox Covers, Gearbox Control Sleeves, Gearbox Covers With Fan And Tracks (Tribmol Coated), PDC Components / Parts For Electrical Switchgears, PDC Components For Power Tools and our Setup is Situated at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

  • One of the major factor affecting all the streamlined flow of planned activities is Health and/of control over Aluminium melting activities. We have maintained a check over the threat with fully automatic continuously controlled Electrically fired Furnaces with Silicon Carbide crucibles.
  • Continuously Controlled and monitored Furnaces ensures strict and unaltered metal composition efficiently.
  • Centrally communicated data collection of process parameters creates an additional checkpoint on basically fully controlled Melting furnaces.
  • A dedicated system maintaining all the related and relevant working data in soft format is established to ensure proper flow of information, either process and/or system related to be percolated to each responsible person enabling ease of independent and more relevant decision at each levels, to minimise quality and production related issues.
  • A self developed soft system which is continuously upgraded as per need to conduct better possible process control to exercise production activities round the clock.
  • All the Die Casting Machines are Automated through PLC control and proper HMI [Human Machine Interface] reducing breakdown times and early recovery if do undergo any breakdown.
  • Controlled and automated Casting as well as surface finishing machines such as Shot blasting and Vibro-Finishing machines enables frequent and easy process parameter monitoring and /or controlling to stabilize the production run.